Irozuku Episode 9: Who Invited Sho?

It’s the inevitable Sho episode… yay… To be completely honest, it may be that I have Horimiya fresh on the mind, but I have so little patience for Sho. Like I get we needed a love conflict to spur development for Hitomi and Yuito, but something more interesting would’ve been nice. Sho to me is … Continue reading Irozuku Episode 9: Who Invited Sho?

City to City (My Nanowrimo 2020 Novel)

City to City Wn By Hagita For all my friends who somehow got me here. I appreciate your friendship a whole lot even if I may not say it verbally.  PART I: THE TIME SPENT CLOSE TOGETHER In that dull world I wandered the streets, taking in the world as best I could. I could … Continue reading City to City (My Nanowrimo 2020 Novel)

2020 In Review: Lots of Tears of Various Kinds

I initially decided to wait until after 2020 ended to write my wrapup for 2020, but the only thing I’m planning on finishing from 2020 that I’m not already watching is Great Pretender. Great Pretender would probably make this list if I finished it, but I have to deal with no private space to watch … Continue reading 2020 In Review: Lots of Tears of Various Kinds

Irozuku Episode 8: Kohaku. That’s It.

Kohaku is out here forcing romantic developments and if it actually worked that’d have been a welcome change. In actuality it’s for helping her see color, which is a welcome change. Kohaku’s being a real pal and actually trying to reason out the cause is a welcome change to how these plots usually work.  Kohaku … Continue reading Irozuku Episode 8: Kohaku. That’s It.

Irozoku Episode 7: Reset

So as it turns out that big reveal about Hitomi regaining colors was actually just a blink of a moment that is immediately ended once this episode ends. I’m honestly kinda annoyed by how they chose to get rid of the colors again because it’s basically a throwaway line that could’ve been so much more. … Continue reading Irozoku Episode 7: Reset

Irozuku Episode 6: Color Me Surprised

Color my surprised that Hitomi got color back into her world at the halfway point(pun was very much intended). It makes sense though, it feels like the focus is slightly shifting to Yuito considering the fish is somehow related to him being stuck (at least that’s how I read it). Hitomi still has room to … Continue reading Irozuku Episode 6: Color Me Surprised

Irozuku Episode 5: Anyways… Romance

Turns out my prediction about Sho developing feelings for Hitomi was right on the money, although it’s not like that was a very bold prediction from me. It was just intuition from the numerous series like Irozuku I’ve seen.  Speaking of numerous series like Irozuku, I think there’s a point in all of these series … Continue reading Irozuku Episode 5: Anyways… Romance

Irozuku Episode 4: Enter Kohaku

I actually really enjoyed this episode, which is not what I expected. The dynamic of the photography club really grew on me and it made everything a lot more enjoyable. The Chigusa and Kurumi relationship was a good time and gave a nice breather to the calmer tone of the episode. Well them and Kohaku. … Continue reading Irozuku Episode 4: Enter Kohaku

Irozuku Episode 3: The Term is Colorblind

I’m not entirely sure if the idea of colorblindness exists in the world of this series, but I feel like it’d make things a whole lot simpler. Hitomi can just be like yeah I’m colorblind and bam it makes so much more sense now. I’m glad though that we got the whole secret aspect of … Continue reading Irozuku Episode 3: The Term is Colorblind