John Wick 4 Review

During the trailers for John Wick 4, there was a trailer for the latest derivation of John Wick’s revolutionary formula. Sisu featured a retired Finnish general going to report his gold, but has to go kill Nazis. A premise that I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen several more times already, but it stills reaches a … Continue reading John Wick 4 Review

My Anime Consumption Habits

This is the data I collected for this video: Average Score Per Year: 2015: 7.41 2016: 7.95 2017: 8.32 2018: 8.69 2019: 8.73 2020: 8.75 2021: 9.15 2022: 8.44 Anime Watched Per Year 2015: 76 2016: 69 (I'm not making this up) 2017: 44 2018: 39 2019: 23 2020: 24 2021: 27 2022: 27 … Continue reading My Anime Consumption Habits

Full Data From My Anime Opening Ranking Video

All Entries that qualified: Final Ranking w/ 15 entries Bleach OP13 “Ranbu No Melody” - 5.733 Black Clover OP10 “Black Catcher” -7.733 Gintama OP 13 “Sakuramitsuki” - 8.466 Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works OP2 “Brave Shine” - 9.533 Attack on Titan OP3 “Shinzou wo Sasagayo!” - 10.066 Jujutsu Kaisen OP1 “Kaikai Kitan” - 10.066 (tie … Continue reading Full Data From My Anime Opening Ranking Video

Fall 2022 Anime First Impressions

It’s no surprise that the Fall 2022 anime season is one of the most stacked seasons in a long while. It’s got a whole lot of everything for just about everyone and in turn has caused me to relapse into my seasonal watching youth. At the time of writing this I’m currently watching and up … Continue reading Fall 2022 Anime First Impressions

See How They Run: Please Run To See This

Whodunnit films are an easy buy-in for me. My brain once it is alerted needs to solve the mystery and turns on full power to try and be the detective. However, I didn’t actually know what See How They Run was. I went in almost completely blind besides seeing a poster or two, but I’m … Continue reading See How They Run: Please Run To See This

How Jurassic Park Portrays Dinosaurs

There are only a handful of dinosaurs in the 1993 film Jurassic Park. But they are used in really effective ways to communicate the duality of dinosaurs, while also building a really effective thriller. The dinosaurs fall into the herbivores and the carnivores, or as the movie uses them, the passive and the hostile. The … Continue reading How Jurassic Park Portrays Dinosaurs

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Sometimes Small is the Perfect Size

[Spoilers for Marcel the Shell with Shoes On] In the Hollywood era we live in where it feels like success is partly based on how big and loud you can be at any given moment, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is the perfect respite. You won’t find any bombastic fight scenes or loud noises … Continue reading Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Sometimes Small is the Perfect Size